Jeep Grand Cherokee Overheating

Overheating is common among Jeeps. The quickest, easiest and the least-expensive way to overcome the problem is by installing a set of RunCool Hood Louvers®. Size Long (7 1/2" X 33") fit on the outer sides of the hood and let the heat in the engine compartment escape using physics: Hot air rises! Click on our website here to visit us!

Another way to attack this problem was master-minded by a Jeep owner friend of ours, who experienced this with his 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee, per below.

I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L engine and it recently started over heating

To solve this problem first you should check to see if the cooling fan is coming on at all. When you start the jeep with the AC running the fan should instantly kick on into low speed mode. If you can't see the fan turning then that is your problem. We must find out why it isn't working. All of the following is based on the assumption that your fan isn't turning correctly. If your vehicle is overheating with the fan running then that is probably a more serious problem you should have a mechanic look at.

The first place to check is the fuse box. It is located beside the battery on the passenger side. Open it up and make sure none of your fuses are blown. If you have a blown fuse then you must track down the source of the short and repair it before replacing the fuse.
Grand Cherokee Fusebox Grand Cherokee Fusebox Open

Ok if your fuses are ok you will want to get out an ohm meter and check the fan connector. You can disconnect it by reaching down beside the radiator on the passenger side. The harness uses a red slide clip that will need to be removed before you can disconnect the harness. Jeep Grand Cherokee Fan Harness

Now that you have the fan disconnected you want to check and see what resistance the fan side is giving you. If you see 1 or infinite resistance then your fan motor is probably burned up. You can also try starting the vehicle with the AC switch on and check the power side of the harness to see if it gives you ~12v. If you do not have power on the fan harness read on to find out more about the fan control relay.

If your fan isn't bad, and your fuses aren't blown then you could have a bad fan control relay. In my case the relay burned out in november and then the following july the fan itself turned up dead. If your relay is burned then it probably means the fan should be replaced along with it.

First you will need to obtain a replacement part. Below are links to the part at OReilly Auto Parts , Advanced Auto Parts, and Auto Zone. I could not find it at napa but I'm sure they carry it. It is part number R4736 made by BWD

OReilly Auto PartsO'Reilly
Advanced Auto PartsAdvanced
Auto ZoneAuto Zone
NapaNapa website

Detailed instructions on how to change the fan control relay